An integral part of the activities, which AQUASYS Ltd. Company deals with, is removal of buildings and their mechanical or manual dismantling, removal by blasting, total land rehabilitation and clean-up of sites. The company is engaged in this activity since the beginning of its operation, either as a general contractor responsible to remove old buildings from construction sites, or as a specialist hired to prepare construction sites for future intentions. Since we started dealing with demolitions we have acquired special technologies, such as demolition, cutting or crushing hydraulic shears, active hammers of various sizes, long reach excavators and crushers for rubble reclaiming and metal separation. To be able to offer complex services in this area, our company is authorized to dispose of waste, hazardous waste and is authorized to receive waste for subsequent disposal.

Implemented work :AQUASYS - Demolice

  • Engineering
  • Hand disassembling of objects using small machinery
  • Mechanical dismantling of objects using heavy machinery
  • Clean-up and land reclamation
  • Demolition of buildings by blasting
  • Recycling of concrete and brick debris, including metal separation
  • Separation, sorting and disposal of debris
  • Complete rehabilitation and preparation of construction sites for future intentions

Gold Mountain is shaken

Golden Mountains April 15 morning, at exactly ten o'clock, an explosion rocked. After 18 years of extraction of gold mining, we blasted the local tower.

Demolice Zlaté Hory - druhá etapa

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